In this publication, we are sharing content of decades of study, research, discoveries, formulations, synthetization, application, and validation of the knowledge that we call a New Science. We dedicate it to the ones that work in the fields that comprehend the study of the human mind and act to restore its proper functioning, including themselves.

The Science of the Human Potential Factor applied is oriented to the human evolution of those who are willing to unveil internal paths, which allow to understand and strengthen their own internal structures of this individual’s Factor to restore the potency that constitutes them.

The first and special edition of this trilogy will have 100 copies and will be destined to those who want to contribute to this Science to be available broadly.

The financial resources raised with this special edition will be used to print copies to be distributed freely to public libraries and universities around the world, through the social project “Notre Dame“, making knowledge accessible now and for future generations.

Other conventional editions will come, in a greater circulation and will be sold at average market value, so more people can have access to restore the individual’s, groups’ and organizations’ potential, and to increase self-awareness and balance.

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Written in 1991.

This Science is oriented to the Human evolution of those who are willing to unveil internal paths, to understand and to strengthen the structures of their own Human Potential Factor, aiming at restoring the Potential that constitutes them to leverage: Individuals, Teams, Institutions. A Science that through the application of its Methodology is a way to reach Individual Consciousness.

This work briefly presents the journey of discoveries, which led to the identification of fundamental structures of the Human Potential Factor; it is a Synthesis of the Inner Human Organization, the matrix of the internal structures that create the external organisations, derived from the advances achieved from the “Psychic Triangles: Thesis”.

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Written from 1979 to 1982, followed by continuous studies and verification of the hypotheses until 1986 when it was registered at the National Library. It is the origin, the bibliography of the others. The work addresses hypotheses about mechanisms and internal structures in the field of mental health from the perspective of the psychiatry, the psychoanalysis and the Human Potential Factor in a direct and synthetic way.
At first, it is indicated almost exclusively for scientists and scholars who choose to deepen their studies and to continue the development of the Science itself, in the area of mental health and the Human Potential Factor. However, it is interesting for the reader, regardless of professional background, to have contact with the origin.

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Written in 1988, it presents the perspective of psychic mechanisms and their combination of this thesis, Psychic Triangles, applied to history itself and to the perspective of humanity’s internal path: from passion to emotion, from emotion to love. It considers that the future from the point of view of the evolution of Mankind and culture will occur when going through this internal path, from passion to love, so far, a costly one. Along the way, the perspective is to reach the intrinsic naturality, love. In other words:

“One who shows himself the same in front of his friend and the enemy, unalterable in honour and disrespect, unmoved by fraternity and ingratitude, this is a man in the consciousness of himself.” Luís A. Ervolino.

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