The Human Potential Factor Science is an unprecedented theoretical conception, based on the concept of having an own object, delimited in its basic structure, defined in its essential components, with practical results at various levels that testify it.
The Human Potential Factor is structured, limited and defined in its basis, although infinitely variable and unlimited in its possible combinations with the internal and external reality of each individual; it is common and universal. In its structure it contains the functional order of the internal organization (feeling, reasoning and conscience).
It is responsible for understanding and identifying the state of Human Internal Structures, called 9 Faculties of Individual Consciousness, on which we depend to operate professionally.
This field defined its performance in the healthy parameters of these Human Internal Structures, originated from the Human Organizational Synthesis, its Abstract Formal Object.

Yes, no doubt. Potency is individual. Our great challenge was to understand what is the natural functioning of the internal structure of the Human Potential Factor, not the phenomenology or appearance. The focus has always been on understanding and activating this internal structure that drives us. We found that, when this internal structure operates well, our performance is more proportional to our content, to our own potency.

There are 9 faculties of individual consciousness that make up the Human Factor.

Inter-professional management faculties:
Consciousness of Limit, respect for each person’s space and occupation of their own.
Consciousness of Pressure, dynamic adjustment of your levels without exaggeration or insufficiency.
Consciousness of Power, to be exercised or distributed without excess or lack of responsibility

Reasoning Objectivity Faculties:
Associative memory

Faculties of adaptability to changes:

The loss of availability of these faculties in the individual reflects conflict and difficulties in their professional, social and family interrelationships.

Who benefit the most from this science are professionals from all segments and the field of education.
This is where the technical application of this knowledge has the greatest efficiency, efficacy and effectiveness, as our field is restricted to restore potency to the faculties of individual consciousness on which we depend to carry out our professional performance.

Our science applied, identifies and unblock internal structures, restores naturality and fluidity of reasoning. Expands and provides access to individual content.
This access awakens and expands the connection with reality. It activates the individual’s natural and unique condition of materializing his potency in professional achievement. It raises the level of results, of the individual, the team and the organisations.
Its technical application is precise and acute, and its results are fast.

The individuality when strengthened is very valuable. If the person gets a little closer to what is theirs, they gain much more strength, much more wealth of their own to share with others.
The function of this Science is to contribute to the advancement of each individual, to get closer to their own Human Potential and to enjoy what is theirs, in other words, what belongs to them. From this perspective, technology is an instrument, not an end.

Knowledge was imported from psychoanalysis to elaborate the Abstract Formal object, as the primary structure of Science Human Potential Factor.

The Human Potential Factor Science aims to make available potential on which we depend to carry out our professional activities on a daily basis. These capabilities are natural, but they can be blocked for some reason, and these blockages decrease our perception of reality and change our behavior. By unlocking and restoring this potency, it restores balance in the point of view and in the attitudes.

We opted for the application in the professional area. It started at the Ministry of Health, serving the Health Secretaries, as well as the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and the World Health Organization (WHO), when we trained thousands of professionals in this field.
Subsequently, the application of the methodology was taken to the private sector, in education, sports and executives.

The Science methodology was applied for many years in several countries, at different ages and educational levels, until a solid base of qualitative and quantitative results was obtained.
It took over 30 years of dedication and hard work to obtain critical mass and guarantee criteria for expansion. Transmitting this nature of such acute knowledge, unprecedented in a consistent and sustainable manner, required maturation, time in the preparation of professionals, allowing the expansion of this knowledge.

It is the synthesis of the internal organisation, structure of Human Potential Factor. It is through this synthesis that it is possible to do such an acute, fast and profound work as we do, because this synthesis allows to address directly and precisely what causes appearances.

Each person is a different being. Each person is unique but has physical and mental structures common to all human beings. The fact that the structure matrix is universal, allows, within the limit of the human potential factor field, to identify, unblock and restore blocked potency.

A person can continually increase or decrease access to their potency. The work with Human Potential Factor allows gradually, despite being acute and punctual, to restore more and more of their potency.

In order to learn, the student depends on the state of the 9 faculties of individual consciousness: memory, concentration, attention, security, balance, tranquillity, consciousness of limit, pressure and power.
This science applied contributes to the potentializing of these faculties, which leverages learning.

The Human Potential Factor works to unblock internal structures that result in an increase in individual consciousness, that is, self-awareness. This means an increased perception of reality, of oneself, of the other and of the situation.
The definition of self-knowledge is not exactly what we call self-awareness. In our understanding, self-knowledge is a journey that one knows where it starts, but never where it ends.
The process of self-awareness is a gradual and punctual process.

No. In group applications of the methodology, we have had the opportunity to work with professionals of different cultures, education levels, age and economic conditions.
Either illiterate or a high level of education does not interfere in the individual or the group results.

Yes and no. People already develop in life, naturally, within the various activities they perform, including in education. However, when these faculties are blocked, restoring them by oneself is not so easy. The maturing process is partly the result of this restitution, which can come naturally or through a technical application that allows this unblocking.

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