The Science

Our Science is the Human Organisational Synthesis. In other words, the Synthesis of the Human Inner Organization.

In this publication we share the result of decades of study, research, discoveries, formulations, synthesis, validation, and application of what we name a New Science.

We dedicate it to the ones who work in the field that comprehends the human mind and works to the restauration of its well-functioning, including themselves.

This science is intended for the human evolution of those who are willing to unveil the inner paths, to understand and to strengthen their own structures of the Human Potential Factor, aiming at restoring the potency that constitutes it to leverage: individuals, teams, institutions.

The Science is applied through its ID One Human Factor Methodology®, which is a synthetic and acute mean to reach Individual Consciousness. The Human Potential Factor Science is an unprecedented theoretical conceptualization, based on the concept of possessing an object of its own, delimited in its basic structure, defined in its essential components, with practical results at various levels that testify it.

The Human Potential Factor can be structured, it is limited and defined in its bases, although infinitely variable and unlimited in its possible combinations with the internal and external reality of each individual; it is common and universal. Its structure contains the functional order of the inner organisation (feeling, reasoning, and consciousness).

It is an expertise that has its origins in the studies of Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis.

It is responsible for understanding and identifying the state of Human Internal Structures, named Faculties of Individual Consciousness – 9 in total, on which we depend to act professionally.

This field delimited its performance in the healthy parameters of these Human Internal Structures, deriving from the Human Organizational Synthesis, its Abstract Formal Object.

When applied, this Science identifies and unblock internal structures; restores naturality and reasoning fluidity; extends and provides access to the individual contents. This access awakens and expands the connection with reality; activates the individual’s natural and singular condition of materializing his potential as professional achievement.

The principles of this Science were applied for the first time in the public sector: Nationally (Ministry of Health) and Internationally (WHO and PAHO), in a counselling and training program to strengthen the internal balance of healthcare professionals, who were at the frontline fighting HIV/AIDS in the late 80’s, when a still unknown disease haunted the world.

From the beginning of the 90’s until today, this Science has been applied through its Methodology leaderships of public and private sectors, sport and education, to improve the performance of these professionals.

The foundations of this Science are initially presented in the three books: “Human Potential Factor: A Science”, “Psychic Triangles: Thesis” and “Going Forth and Back “

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