Human Potential Factor: A Science

What if I could, knew, accessed the matrix that determines my performance in its structure, as if they were cellular structures and understand their functioning.

What if I saw and discovered, in myself, the factors that potentialize organizations, that systematize, create and organize interrelations.

What if I could discover, access the mechanisms of these cells*.

If I could get to the map that constitutes me and the constituent factors of my Human Potential.

If I had the house plan, of my house, and understood the layers, doors, windows, passages …

If I could restore the functioning of this cell* that it’s projected in everything I do in the world of interrelationships.

Access, restore, activate its kinematic and dynamic function.

If I could learn in myself, how to give movement to the organizational machine.

What if I could reach myself, gradually, closer and closer to my organisational blue print, that is, what organises reasoning, my thoughts, which produces all organisations created by mankind, in institutions, micro and macro, in interpersonal and self-management.

Behind appearances there is a structure that produces that appearance. Everything exists, we look from different angles at the same phenomenon. Each look in that reality focuses on something specific. Our look focuses on the search to understand what a healthy functioning is, non-pathological, on the Human Factor that gives potential to the individual, from the perspective of personal and institutional interrelations.

We discovered patterns and structural mechanisms; cell matrix* of the Human Potential Factor, which has specific constituent faculties, which like any cell* in the operating system can deform and or lose its function; it is like our entire physical, mental or spiritual body, a living organism.

Alive and, by being alive, dynamic.

This dynamic organism is subject to adjustments, to functional restitution, as our entire organism is. In occasions of a greater or lesser degree.

Each field of knowledge looks at something specific, from a specific and generic perspective. We look from the perspective of structures, seeking to understand and restore the cells normality*, the functioning of mechanisms, not individual contents.

Amélia de Carvalho e Silva

*”Cell” must be read as “as if it were a cell”.

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