Notre Dame Project

Notre Dame Project, a social project, was created with the objective of expanding and promoting the dissemination of Human Potential Factor Science and its application to the world, making it accessible to non-profit institutions and projects with high social impact. It is the social vehicle of this science, so that it can flow though time and reach future generations.

This science applied through the proprietary ID One Human Factor Methodology works on the individual’s internal structures, unblocking them and increasing self-awareness, inner balance and making the potential of the individual, teams and institutions available.

The Notre Dame Project’s contribution covers the academic world and high-impact social non-profit institutions.

In the academic world: to act in order to disseminate the basis of the Human Potential Factor Science, through the distribution of the trilogy “Human Potential Factor: A Science”, “Psychic Triangles: Thesis” and “Going Forth and Back” to libraries and Universities around the world, as well as the inclusion of this Science in the academic world for study, research, continuity and development.

In non-profit institutions: to raise the performance level by acting on the leaders’ inner balance through the application of the Methodology in non-profit institutions with high social impact, along with civil defence in situations of catastrophes and natural disasters and high impact health and education projects. Its ultimate objective is to support the population through these institutions, consequently contributing to the increase of emotional balance.

Application of the Science

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