Our Science defines us as the Human Organizational Synthesis. In other words, the Synthesis of the Human Inner Organization.

The Human Potential Factor Science is an unprecedented theoretical concept, based on the concept of having its own object of study, delimited in its basic structure, defined in its essential components, with practical results at various levels that prove its existence.

The Human Potential Factor can be structured, it is limited and defined in its bases, although infinitely variable and unlimited in its possible combinations with the internal and external reality of each individual; it is common and universal. Its structure contains the functional order of the inner organization (feeling, reasoning, and conscience).

It is responsible for understanding and identifying the state of the Human Inner Structures, called Faculties of the Individual Consciousness on which we depend to act professionally.

This field defined its work in the healthy parameters of these Human Internal Structures, deriving from the Human Organizational Synthesis, its Abstract Formal Object.

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