Going Forth and Back

In February 1988, in Brasília, Federal District, Brazil, in a small space, with a small table, two hard wooden chairs, a modest place, with limited light, I sat down.

Pen in hand, a ream on the table, not many sheets of paper, a bottle of water, two glasses. There were non-stopping hours, with no rest, practically with no food.

I was 30, concentrated and focused on capturing every word said. He walked through the small free space, concentrated, sharp, without blinking, opened his mouth, complete, sure and precise words, from the title of this book, followed by the index, chapter by chapter…

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Incredible to me in those days, from beginning to end, a single thread, no words repeated, if I could not write by hand at the speed of the phrases spoken the content would be lost, forever.

Cramps in the hands, pain, tiredness, nothing distracted me from the sound of the words for hours. It was many hours in a row, I don’t remember how many. A mixture of sounds and meanings surrounded me.

I, aware of my role of registering this content, which was sealed, intact, from those sunny days of February 1988 up to 2009.

2009, the first attempt to break the seal, for publication. Eleven years have passed, and only now the right space and time have been presented.

At almost 63 years old, I am pleased to bring these contents to light, which have generated great advancement for many, who through me have received in many ways precious fruits of this knowledge.

It is a satisfaction, in spite of in memoriam (1), to accomplish this step, materializing this work.

Amélia de Carvalho e Silva
April 2020

(1) In memorian of Luís Antonio Ervolino who died on the 18th of May 2011

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