First and special edition for the dissemination of the Human Potential Factor Science

The launch of the trilogy “HUMAN POTENTIAL FACTOR: A SCIENCE”, “PSYCHIC TRIANGLES: THESIS” and “GOING FORTH AND BACK”, represents the delivery to the world of a legacy of 40 years of discoveries and learning about an inner structure that inhabits every Human being, the structure of the Human Potential Factor.

Led by two researchers, united by a common ideal who dedicated their lives to seeding anonymously the basis for the strengthening of a society with more potency and availability for life, balance and expansion of the Individual Consciousness.

The Human Potential Factor Science applied is intended for the human evolution of those who are willing to unravel internal paths, which allow to understand and strengthen the internal structures of this individual Factor to restore the potential that constitutes oneself.

The first and special edition of this Trilogy will have 100 copies and will be aimed at those who want to contribute to this Science to be available broadly and unrestrictedly.

The resource obtained from the sale of this special edition will be used to print copies in three languages, immediately (Portuguese, English and German), to be distributed free of charge to universities and public libraries around the world, making the knowledge accessible now and for future generations.

Other conventional editions will come, in a greater volume, and will be sold at an average market value, so that more people gain access to this resource to restore individual, group, and organization potency, increase self-consciousness and balance.

To contribute to the dissemination of this Science to universities and public libraries around the world and to acquire the first and special edition of this Trilogy, please contact:

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