COVID – 19 Podcasts

In the face of today’s greatest humanitarian challenge, Coronavirus has come to destabilize fundamental structures of society.

The process of isolation, quarantine and coping with COVID-19 in hospitals meant that there was a shift from community life to a life in isolation, generating the need to seek individual balance.

In this scenario and having already contributed to Brazil and WHO in the past, Amélia de Carvalho e Silva, Master in Psychology at Antioch University, prepared a series of podcasts with guided exercises, based on the science of the Human Potential Factor applied through Methodology ID One Human Factor of which she is co-author with Luís Antonio Ervolino (in memorian).

The success of the results of the application of Human Potential Factor Science within the scope of the Ministry of Health, PAHO and WHO through the HIV/AIDS prevention and counselling program reached more than 4 thousand professionals in Brazil and abroad.

Currently, our goal is to contribute to the strengthening of internal balance and greater lucidity of professionals on the front lines.

Through punctual and succinct application, adapted to the emergence of this moment, the methodology accesses, restores and enhances basic internal structures called Faculties of Individual Consciousness, which consist of:

  • Better adaptation to crisis situations: balance, security, tranquillity.
  • Improvement in the management of interrelationships: awareness of limit, pressure and power.
  • Increase in the objectivity of reasoning: concentration, attention and associative memory.

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